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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Sylvia asks that we pray for her friend’s new baby, Luka has CDH which is causing many issues with his internal organs.

  • Tom asks that we pray for a friend who is being beaten by her husband. Pray for her safety and either a heart change for her husband, or deliverance from the situation.

  • Please pray for Iris and her family.

  • A mother calls out for prayer and wisdom for her son.  He got arrested for domestic violence and his mom bailed him out of jail.  He is barely hanging onto his job and talks of suicide. Please pray against the plans of the enemy and that this will bring him to his knees before the only one who can really give him a new heart and new life. Pray for his family and mom, who are watching the enemy try to sift him like wheat. What the enemy planned for evil, the Lord is able to turn around for the good of all

  • Pray that God would heal my family from the years of drug abuse, and for His loving mercy to fill our hearts and others’ hearts around us every day.

  • Pray for healing of my intestines and all of my internal problems, deficiencies, and abnormalities.

  • Pray for Dave and Liz as they adjust to having her mom live with them.

  • Pray for Monica. She has been working on sobriety since August 1. Her birthday was August 23 and she came to Words of Freedom to pray and stay strong.

  • Pray for my son Andrew. He is struggling with depression and addiction to marijuana and meth. We have a multigenerational family history with addiction, violence, infidelity, and depression.

  • Sheila asks that we pray for family unity.

  • Please pray for Frank, that the Lord will give him strength and keep him on the right path.