Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me as I seek a change in employment. I have a job but due expenses incurred towards medical bills of parents and kids school fee, debts have increased. Therefore, I am trying hard to get a different job so that I can clear debts. (In spite of all the issues, I am paying my tithe to my Church regularly.) Please pray also for my parents’ health.

  • In a few days Michelle will be vacationing with her parents and her Aunt, and she is asking prayer that her relationship with them will grow and they will have a good time together. She wants to have a better relationship with them, especially with her Aunt. Pray that she doesn't see Michelle as religious, but a person that loves Jesus.

  • Please pray for James, who has recently faced a lot of challenging situations. He is asking for prayer to remove all the negativity he’s been facing and that God would make him prosperous.

  • Please pray for a very sweet young lady who has been a caregiver to her mother (mother has tried to continue working part-time) and must continue working at her current vet clinic job to make ends meet. She doesn't complain. Her mother has a terminal illness and is on a list to receive a transplant. This young lady just found out that her father has esophageal cancer. He also suffers from anxiety. Please join me in praying for her and her parents. What she is facing is so overwhelming and stressful.

  • Please join me in praying for salvation for Jones, Alvia, and Enoch, and that they would have a deep relationship with Jesus.

    Pray that God will provide the assisted living facility needed for my son Rocky’s care. He is presently homeless and suffers both mental and medical disorders. Pray for God’s direction for those who are trying to help him.

  • Pray for James and Jen to be great friends. He believes she is the one he is supposed to marry. If she is the one, pray that she will reach out to him and he has favor with her. He would like to marry her.

  • Please pray for better days, and that we will get along with our landlord and never be homeless again. Pray that God increases our finances and helps us. Pray that my mom has many years on this earth ahead and sees me married and gets to know any kids I have. Please pray for protection from evil, and that Dorothy’s case will be closed.

  • Bountiful Harvest Outreach Center ( BHOC ) in North Carolina needs prayer to receive a new Church building. They have little money to buy the combined land and building. They are currently meeting at a Holiday Inn.

  • Pray for John, who is seeking a breakthrough in finding a job in his field.

    Eben, Miguel, Rosina, Barnabas, Jones, Alvia, Enoch K seeking intimacy and conversion with Jesus

  • Please join me in praying for salvation for Eden, Miguel, Rosina, and Barnabas, and that they would have a deep relationship with Jesus.