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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Ben and his wife. They are both jobless, and need to find employment according to their degrees. They are desperate.

  • Jodie asks for prayer for her family for financial struggles and for following Christ as they need to.

  • Peter asks to be a better spiritual leader of home/family and to be an abundant provider in a biblical sense to the family and those he loves that God places in his life.

  • Please pray for the lost to be found by Jesus!

  • A prayer request from Whitney, our missionary in Slovenia: My cousin, who was barely 21 years old, was killed by a gunshot wound last night. Police have not yet determined whether it was self-inflicted or a homicide. Please pray for my Uncle Mike and his two remaining living sons Jezrael and Jeremy, as well as Sylvia, my cousin’s mom.  Also, please pray for my extended family and all who truly loved him including his long-time girlfriend, Sawyer.  Please pray for the salvation of all the above who are not yet saved.  Also please pray as we are discussing both the financial and practical implications of me flying out to this funeral. It’s very bad timing with two weeks out before school begins again.