• Ales and Whitney, our missionaries in Slovenia, as for prayers as they adjust to the new rhythm during the school year. All the children will be in school and preschool this year, which will take some of the burden off of Whitney. Pray for them to adjust well to the new schedule and environment. Pray especially for Huntly and Kenzley to improve their use of the Slovene language. They will have to speak it in school.
  • Pray for a couple who recently lost a child. As they deal with the grief they are now facing probable divorce. Pray that the Lord would intervene and that they would be willing to allow Him to work on the things that need to change to make their family whole again.
  • Please pray for Brent and Hope Harrell, our missionaries to Rome, Italy. They are currently in Austria and ask for prayers for their vehicle to withstand the long driving. They’ve recently had some mechanical trouble.
  • Pray for Ramona today as she has surgery on her leg to repair an injury she sustained while on vacation a few months ago. Pray for increased mobility and decreased pain.
  • Pray for a single mom and her daughter who are moving out of an unhealthy living situation. They need a place to rent and are not yet in the financial situation to do that. Pray also for healing of their family relationships, the mother has alienated her family and now needs their support.