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  • Pray for Alda as she recuperates from a concussion. She has lingering headaches.

  • Pray for Dusty, he is having bypass surgery.

  • Pray for Luke as he heals from an appendectomy.

  • Please pray that the Lord would protect Luke Grant. He has had several seizures recently, which has taken a toll him physically. Pray also for his parents, Jason and Amber, as they seek the Lord daily for how to best care for their kids.

  • Please pray for Rose’s daughter Iris.

  • Please pray for wisdom for my mom and her doctor. The doctor recommended surgery on her hand last time she went. Please pray this visit will determine if she should and when would be the best time to get surgery if that is what the doctor suggests.

  • Please pray for Ellie, that God would work His will in her life.

  • Pray for Bret’s family as they deal with the loss of his father. Pray that the Lord would use this time to draw family members into a relationship with Him.

  • Please pray for Monica, for strength in her sobriety.