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  • I don't have words. My life has fallen apart and sometimes I first think I'm serving God, then I get real lost and wonder if I’ve been mislead. I feel like I'm under a great deal of attack and I need a BIG BURLY GOD to take me under His wing for protection. Please pray.

  • Pray for the Boise and Nampa rescue missions.

  • Pray for the Schamber family as they deal with the loss of their father/grandfather. The grandkids have lost two grandparents in the past month. Please pray that God comforts their hearts, and that their family would draw closer to each other and the Lord during this difficult time.

  • Please pray for help and healing for my husband as he prepares for a couple of surgeries; a covering over his job challenges and provisions during the trials that we are enduring. After some physical changes, life might be taking him into a new profession that he will need training and connections for. The Lord always provides and we are thankful for your prayers.

  • Please pray for the lost to be found by Jesus.  Specifically Helen, Alvin, Brenda, Alex, Ann, Ben, and Ruth.