• Please pray healing for Steve, who was in a car accident in Africa. He is a commander in the US Coast Guard and travels all around the world on homeland security missions. When he travels there is a vehicle in front of his and a vehicle in back of his for military protection. He is chauffeured by another military person in the middle vehicle. His vehicle crashed and rolled three times. After being treated in London for an arm injury and some internal head trauma, he is now at home being cared for by his wife, who is a nurse. Pray for a complete recovery.

  • Pray for Branden who is an autistic young teenager now. Pray that God would increase his understanding.

  • Please pray for Shiloh and Seth, that the Lord would redeem their marriage and restore Seth to a sound mind, free from anxiety and fear.  Please pray for a covering over their small children as they experience turmoil in their home.

  • Please pray for my daughter Allura. She is trapped in a horrible addiction. I am terrified.

  • Please pray for my mom. She is 85 years old and just had complete knee replacement. Pray for healing and peace.

  • Please pray for Cheri’s son Derrick. He has a brain tumor, and his recent round of chemo is really taking a toll physically. He isn’t able to get food or drink to stay down. Please pray that he will have open and honest communication with his doctor, and that he will get nourishment. Pray also for wisdom for Cheri for how best to help him.

  • Pray for my son and his wife. Healing for her health and healing of their marriage.