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  • Please pray for Alayna the 13 year old with brain damage due to a vaccine at 4 years old. Pray she will flourish, heal, and grow from the abuse as well. Pray that unity, good will, love, and forgiveness will reign in our family that will also heal and bless her even more.

  • Please pray for Debra and her husband. He was just let go from his job in Boise, and they must now move back to San Diego. It’s a very sudden thing, and they are moving today. She asked for prayer covering for the entire situation, and God’s provision for their family.

  • Please pray for Allana for healing, strength, hope, wisdom, and peace.

  • Please pray for my family. I think we are all losing faith and trust in God, mostly me. I know the Word says He is with us, our Emmanuel, but it would be wonderful to see evidence of it or to be gifted with faith and strength to keep believing.

  • Please pray for my friend Ernesto in California, whose home burned down. Pray for God to provide for his every need. He also needs salvation.

  • Pray for Trish for healing and full recovery from her injury, her needs to be met, and direction.