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  • Send Hope asks that we pray for the outreach they are doing in India for the pastors, evangelists and their wives, that the Lord would encourage and sustain them. Praying for the Lord's blessing in their lives, that the Lord would give them wisdom, love, and the ability to humbly serve these beautiful people in India.

  • Please pray that the Lord would help me and my husband to communicate better. I get in my own head sometimes and unintentionally sabotage good days. Also, he is not good at expressing his feelings, so it just adds fuel to the fire.

  • Please pray for a friend who is going through a divorce and dating another man. She is seeking the Lord and praying more than she ever has. A well meaning Christian friend has pointed out her sin of having a relationship while she is still married. The way the woman said it has begun to turn her off to Christians. Please pray that God will reveal His true nature to her and that she would desire to live her life to please Him.

  • Please continue to pray for all who were hit by the tragedy at Wiley Street apartments, when a man with a knife terrorized a birthday party. Pray for the victims, the other tenants at the complex, the greater refugee community, and for those walking alongside. Pray for peace and comfort for all and for extreme wisdom in seeking the best ways to utilize the money raised to help them.

  • Pray for a man who believes he is being watched. Ask that the Lord would give him clarity of mind and truth, and ask God to protect him.