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  • Pray for Rose’s daughter.

  • Please pray for a man who was in a car accident in Africa. He is a commander in the US Coast Guard and travels all around the world on homeland security missions. When he travels there is a vehicle in front of his and a vehicle in back of his for military protection. He is chauffeured by another military person in the middle vehicle. His vehicle crashed and rolled three times. They had to sew up his arm and they have run tests but are now transporting him to London for more tests, checking for head trauma and internal damage.

  • Pray that the Lord provides Serenity with a job.

  • Natalie Bridges, our missionary in Romania, asks for prayer for the kids at the after school program in Bistrita, Romania, for their salvation, to have a good summer, resist negative peer pressure, make good decisions, be internally motivated to work hard, and that they will have wisdom and discernment in training them.

  • Pray for Cherie’s son, he’s a new driver and was in a fender bender. Pray for his confidence and safety.

  • Please pray for Sharon from BSF as she prepares to go to be with the Lord.