• Please continue to pray for a young girl. She is 13 years old and was hurt by a vaccine when she was 3. Based on a mental/social evaluation, she is now 6-6.9 years old. Her grandmother, who is 64 and uses meth, was finally arrested and is in Intermountain Hospital. We will be meeting with CPA and the prosecuting attorney on the 17th to determine where this young girl will go. I pray that she will get to live with my mom and me where she says she wants to be for the rest of her life. I worked 7 years with adolescents in prison and we go to 2 churches including this one, which she loves. She says she has mostly black in her heart, but there is some red. The red gets bigger when she gets love. She can be hard to handle at times, but we love her greatly.

  • LORD: Stir in L. F. & D's hearts: turn them back toward their Heavenly Father’s love. Create in them hearts for YOUR truth. Lord Jesus: Reveal Yourself, and heal them. For YOUR mercies' sake.

  • Jason Hanson came into the church today – he is looking for a place to stay. He has an 8-year-old daughter and would rather not go to the Mission. He has income so he is able to pay rent. He is just getting out of a recovery program and is trying to get a fresh start. Please pray that the Lord provides for their every need. If you know anyone looking to rent out a room or have any leads on a place Jason could stay please contact him to let him know (208-605-1804).

  • Please pray for our friends, Linda and Charlie, who live in Nevada. Linda had a bad fall and has been in the hospital for some time, and this has been really hard on Charlie.

  • Please pray for my father, Bob, who had surgery Tuesday, July 17th. We are praying for it to be successful, but also for his body to handle the anesthesia as he's had some difficulty in the past.