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  • Please keep Alfonso’s son in your prayers – he is currently in California fighting the wildfires with a crew. Pray that the Lord will guide and protect him while he is out there fighting to keep the nearby people of the town safe.

  • Please pray for my husband’s family. His mom passed away around 2 am Monday morning. Our prayer is that his dad and brothers and all the grandchildren could see the hope and feel the peace we only have through Jesus during this time of grief, and they would choose to put their faith fully in Christ. We praise God for His sovereignty and love. 

  • My sister has a lot of health issues going on right now and I feel like she’s pulling away from Jesus. I have a lot going on right now and feel overwhelmed. I sometimes feel alone. I keep praying that God helps me, but I feel myself struggling.

  • We received an urgent prayer request from a couple that we helped disciple several years ago. The wife has been diagnosed with advanced melanoma and her family is struggling. Please lift them up in prayer; they have three young children.

  • Please pray for Christine. She is consumed with fear and worry.