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July 6


Casting all your care upon Him: for He cares for you.-1 Peter 5:7

How stressed out are you? Worry, anxiety, outright fear seem woven into our American culture and the urge to carry the load can seem irresistible. We too often think that our issues are somehow too big for the God who saved the whole world from the horrible effects of sin. Rationally, we know that's a lie. But there's nothing rational about the cares of this world. Today, take an inventory of the weight of your world. Then hand each and every care over to the Savior who loves you so much. He promises to bear the burden. He will make a way where there is no way. He is far more able than you. Trust in that truth.



Praise God! Jason Zweigle’s adoption hearing in Sierra Leone went very well. Thank you for your prayers! Keep praying that they will travel safely to the States, that the American authorities will quickly approve the U.S. portion of the adoption proceedings and that the Zweigles’ new son (whose name I will not attempt to spell) will make a rapid adjustment to his new family and home.




Elsa asks that we continue to pray for her good friend Lorraine who is having a second surgery on her fractured ankle today.  She has had much pain and needs relief. Ask the Lord to bring her healing, peace and grace  in this time as she depends on others to care for her. 


Pray for our Senior High kids as they prepare to serve the grittiest streets of San Francisco during a City Impact Mission Trip, July 13-24. Pray that they will be a blessing to the homeless and that their relationship with Jesus will grow as they serve others. Also pray for the success of  their “donation-only”  car wash next Saturday, July 8 from 10:30 am until 3pm in at the Youth Building parking lot


Please pray for Livia to know Christ’s deliverance so there will be a God-given change in her life and the lives of her children.


Calvary Boise is looking for a part-time employee in the nursery. Please pray that the Lord will bring just the right team member to this position and the other staff openings that are currently available.


Keep praying for Brittney—her return to the faith and her relationship with her Christian roommate.