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  • Continue to pray that the Lord meets all of Anthony Harper’s needs as he prepares to go to Washington D.C. to share news of Israel with President Trump.


The following are anonymous requests:

  • Pray for my grandpa who is sick.


  • Today, the Junior High Youth Group hosts FAT  (Fun Around Town) Wednesday.  Pray that students are united in fun, fellowship and their pursuit of Christ. Pray that many non-believers will come and experience the joy of the Lord.


  • Please pray for my uncle David.  He has bladder cancer.  Doctors will not operate because of his COPD.  He is in and out of the hospital and needs wisdom about long-term care, but mostly he needs salvation.  He is not open to prayer or talking about God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will woo him in an irresistible way.


  • Pray for healing for Brad and Kelli who are not feeling good.