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  • Ant asks that we pray that the Lord blesses him with a wife.


  • Pray for Pastor Trevor as he prepares for the monthly Men’s Ministry breakfast to be held this upcoming Saturday.  Pray that every aspect of the event will glorify God and further His kingdom. Pray that men will be drawn closer to Jesus because of their attendance.


  • Please pray for Rose whose husband continues to lead a double life. He maintains that he is a Christian and that the Lord has forgiven him for his adultery but he seems to have no intention of breaking things off with the woman he commits adultery with.  She also says she is a Christian. Pray that they will come to their senses and see that they are dishonoring God and setting a very poor example for the children in both families.


  • Please pray that Amit is admitted to the college of his choice.

The following are anonymous requests:

  • Please pray for my son-in-law to get a new job that doesn’t require him to travel so much. It’s very hard on the family.


  • Pray for a young woman who is currently on a short-term mission to Africa. Pray for safety, wisdom and that her efforts will be very fruitful.