• Pray for Amy to have great wisdom in what to do about her pending divorce.


  • Pray for Rachel to know God’s perfect will for her life.


  • Mike asks that we pray for his friend Judy who recently fell and sprained her ankle. Pray too for Mike who really wants to be released from the rehab center soon.  Pray that the Lord will cause his broken wrist to heal swiftly and completely.


  •  Pray for Shawna who has a delicate and growing brain mass.  She has an upcoming brain surgery this week.


The following are anonymous prayer requests:


  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth of salvation to my nephew Alex who is going to a Buddhist retreat this month.  Pray that his parents Brenda and Alvin and my mom Helen will also come to the knowledge of salvation only found in Jesus.  Please pray for all the lost souls to seek truth n Jesus.



  • Please pray for my husband who abandoned his faith more than a decade ago. Pray that he will see that the world holds nothing for him and that Jesus is the only source of happiness.