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  •  Pray for my brothers in recovery. They are struggling daily  to stay sober.    


  • Please pray for the dissolution of my marriage. My wife, whom I met on the Internet has been very sinful and harmful to me.  


  • I recently received power of attorney for my great niece Alayna, 13 years old.  We need great prayer.  She functions at a 6-7 year old level.  My sister and her mother do drugs, neglect and abuse her.  She has suffered greatly. My mom and sister buck me often. Please pray that God helps me. Pray that she will grow into all that God has for her.  


  • Pray for the violence issues in our city Boise.  Pray that the Lord will comfort and strengthen our refugee community. Pray that we Christians will be led by the Spirit as we minister God’s love to them.  


  • Pray for peace of Jerusalem.  Pray for rescue missions. 


  • Great church!  I’m from Kenya. Praising Go for this church. Thank you. Praise God with me for His blessings.