• Pray for Judy—an older lady currently living in California and trying to sell her residence so that she can move to Meridian where she has already purchased a home. The California house is not selling. Pray that the Lord will bring along the right buyer for her California home and work out all the details of getting her up here. 


  • Please pray for healing for Oliver.


  • Please pray that the peace of God will fill the hearts and souls of Mark and Cindi as they deal with so many trials since their grown son with mental and physical disabilities has moved back into their home. Please pray that God will guide them in all they are dealing with. Pray too for strength; they are growing weary.


  • Please pray for the family of 19-year-old Adam Rubio who drowned the weekend of June 23. Pray that the Lord comforts them and that Satan is not able to gain any ground because of this tragedy. 


  • Please pray for a transgender woman who is very depressed and feels like hurting herself. Pray that her Christian friends will have an abundance of wisdom in consoling her and pointing her to the truth of Jesus.


  • Praise God with B who was offered the job she prayed for. She is giving Him all the glory.