• Please pray for Kaysee. At 28, she is truly lost and needs direction and hope in her life. Pray that the Lord will place Christians in her path and that she will understand the truth of Jesus and His Gospel.  Her parents are not believers and she has no foundation of faith.


  • Nick overdosed recently and is in Intermountain Hospital. Pray for his salvation and healing. 

  • Please ask God to remove Heather’s jealousy against Nicole.  Pray that He will help Heather be released from resentment and also from taking pills that are not prescribed for her. Pray that she makes Jesus the center of her life.


  • Please pray for Cindy. She has had severe problems with blood clots in her legs and is at the point where surgery will only result in more scar tissue and greater potential blockage. Her circulation is greatly reduced to her right leg and she fears amputation. Please pray that the Lord will intervene and miraculously heal her. 


The following are anonymous requests:


  • A friend at work is struggling through some serious medical problems.  Please ask Jesus to strengthen and comfort and help her through her trials. Help her know that Jesus is her Savior.


  • Please keep praying for Derick. He is still on two heavy doses of two different chemotherapies. Thank the Lord his blood work looks good, although he remains very sick. His mom was able to see him yesterday but he was really too sick to visit. He has another MRI today.  Yesterday the news media reported that a clinical study of poliovirus injections for brain tumors shows promise. Doctors are anticipating a 21 % survival rate  in patients treated with the poliovirus instead of the usual 4 %. Please pray that Derick will be treated with the poliovirus and also ask that God will provides the means and wherewithal for him to go to the east coast if it is the Lord’s will of course. Pray that he will receive the best treatment that he can get and that doctors would have divinely appointed wisdom about all the details. Pray that Derick doesn't lose heart. Continue to pray that there will be no new tumor growth and that God will ultimately heal Derick.