• Please pray that the Lord will provide a vehicle for David.


  • Please pray for Karen who is clinging to her faith despite many challenges in her life. She has chronic back problems that keep her from working. Pray that the Lord heals her and allows her to return to a state of financial sufficiency. Pray too that He faithfully meets all her needs while she waits for her health to improve.


  •  Please pray for traveling mercies and times of refreshment for all who are away from Boise this week, including several of our staff members. Pray that they will all find opportunities to grow in their faith and serve the Lord far from home. Pray that they do not take a vacation from Jesus.


  • Please pray that Nick will trust the Lord with all that he is experiencing.

The following is an anoymous request:

  • Pray for jobs for my husband and me.  Pray for housing. We need to get place soon.  We just moved to Boise and we are looking for jobs, a home and ways to serve the Lord as much as we can.