• Please pray for Mike Engle’s family. Mike, who has been a part of our church family for many years, passed away last Wednesday after many struggles with health issues. Ask the Lord to comfort his children. A service will be held June 29, 10 am at Summers Funeral Home in Meridian.


  • Please keep praying that Corky gets a job soon so he can take care of his family.


  • Please keep praying for the Abernathy, the O’Brien and the Spoolstra-Kelly families as they grieve the loss of children while serving to inspire so many with their strong faith and confidence in Christ. Pray that they are comforted and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.


  • Pray that the Prayer Ministry at Calvary will grow. Pray that the Lord will provide leadership great wisdom in developing it further.


The following are anonymous requests


  • Please pray for a young woman who has been diagnosed with kidney failure.  Today, she will see doctors about training for dialysis and also about a possible kidney transplant. She has family members who are part of our church family. Pray for healing, peace and comfort for all involved. Pray, too that the young woman will seek Jesus as her Lord and rest in the peace only He can bring.  


  • Please pray for a ten-year-old girl whose dad is in jail and mom is using drugs. She is staying mostly with her grandma who is a confused about the truth of the Gospel. She believes in Jesus but also in a lot of New Age philosophies. Pray that this child and so many others like her will encounter the truth of Christ.





Requests from Natalie Bridges who ministers in Romania but is currently visiting the States:


  • I appreciate prayer for God's guidance and timing during my time in the States—to be able to share with people and churches and connect with friends and family.  


  • Please keep praying for Razvan's salvation. God continues to work in his life. He is faithfully coming to hear the word preached not only on Sundays, but also to the Wednesday night Bible study.  


  • Please continue to pray for the kids at the after-school program. Pray for their salvation and that they have a good summer, resist negative peer pressure, make good decisions, be internally motivated to work hard, and to have wisdom and discernment in training them.  


  • Please keep the children at the orphanage in your prayers...that we will have wisdom in how to help them. Please especially pray for Florin, he is still in the hospital.  He needs to gain 3 kg before they can do the surgery he needs.


  • Please keep my co-worker, Laura in prayer. God is working in her life, but she has not responded to the gospel yet and seems to have a lot of anger directed at my colleague (a fellow believer).  She also needs wisdom to handle all the challenges with the people and programs for which she is responsible.


  • Please pray that the Harford family will come to know Jesus as their savior.