• Please pray for Shawn. His dad is in prison and his mom is abusing drugs again. Shawn was getting good grades and really trying to well but now that he is getting older he is getting into trouble, too. Pray that the Lord puts Christians in his path and that he finds a good godly man to mentor him.


  • Pray for Dwayne. His wife left him for another man and took the children. He is heartbroken to the point of a nervous breakdown. He is not walking with Jesus. Pray that he will turn to the Lord for comfort and refuge.


  • Please keep praying for nine-year-old Travis, doctors still have not figured out what is wrong with him.


  • Please keep praying for the Grant family. The pressure of caring for Matthew is becoming pretty hard. Pray that Amber and Jason continue to lean on Jesus to help them. Pray that God will send them the right nurse very soon so Amber can be relieved of some of the day-to-day responsibilities.



Request from the Peddicords in Berlin:

  • Thank you for your continued prayers for the upcoming Missions Tour (the group arrives on Tuesday, June 26 and will be with us in Berlin until Saturday, June 30). Europe is not the first place that comes to mind with the word “missions”, yet church attendance in Berlin is about at the same level as Tokyo, Japan! Pray for their time here. Pray too that we will continue to bear much fruit.


Requests from the Fouts family who minister in Romania but are visiting the States:


  • Prayer for traveling mercies while we are flying around.  We are headed to Arkansas at the end of the week.


  • Prayer for divine appointments to share what God is doing here in Romania. That it would be fruitful, restful, and amazing time back with family and friends and churches. That God would move on hearts of people to want to partner with the work in Romania. Prayer for us to communicate the vision and needs of Romania clearly. 


  • Prayer for the church at home in Romania and Mike as he takes over teaching responsibilities while Brian is gone. Pray too for the women in the office who are covering the administrative things while we are gone.


  • Continue to pray for the upcoming Romania leadership conference June 27-30. Pray for those who are coming to hear from the Lord in a fresh way, be encouraged to continue the work the Lord has placed before them. Helping to grow where he has planted them.