• Please continue to pray for Calvary Christian School throughout the summer. Pray for leadership and staff to be united in seeking God’s heart in every decision they make. Pray for the Lord to prepare the hearts of students and their parents. Pray that the school community is knit together as a family and citizens of the Kingdom.


  • Please pray for Connor, a young man who is addicted to drugs. His girlfriend took their son and left.  He is feeling suicidal, living in his vehicle, and in great danger of losing his job. Please pray that the power of Satan will be broken in this man's life and that he will surrender his heart to Jesus. 


The following are anonymous requests:

  • Please pray for my unsaved family members. We will spend a lot of time together over the next month and I so want them to experience the love of Christ on a personal level. Please pray that I can show them a little bit of Jesus as we interact in a difficult situation.

  • Pray for all the people who attend Community Groups to stay in the Word this summer during the break. Pray that they will grow in their relationships with the Lord.

  • Please pray for a young man who has a serious alcohol problem. His wife has left him and he is depressed at the thought of divorce. Please pray that he will not look to alcohol to solve his problems but will seek Jesus in all that he does.