• Cherie shares the following update on her son Derick’s treatment for aggressive brain cancer: 

    • Derick started an additional drug (chemo) last Monday. The drug is an alternative to a clinical trial he missed because his tissue sample for the original clinical trial was tainted. Derick is already on the regular protocol for Glioblastoma, three times the chemo he was on with his radiation treatments and now with this new chemo added (usually treats ovarian and breast cancer), he is getting very sick and throws up often. Derick’s son, Justin, has been faithful to change Derick's sensors (Arrays) for the Optune device that Derick must wear for at least 8 months, 24 - 7 (see picture). Derick is such a trooper and rarely complains but he does appreciate your prayers. Although survivor rate is very low for his disease, Derick has been doing well and I'm still praying for my son's complete healing in Jesus' name. We are so grateful for this church body and Boise Calvary who have been so faithful to pray for Derick. Thank you and bless all of you and your families and praise our Lord Jesus.


  •  Please pray for Nicole. Ask that Jesus lifts her compulsion to drink alcohol. Pray that the Holy Spirit imparts to her a strong desire for a loving life without alcohol through Jesus.


  • Cari asks that we pray for Cindy, a Jewish lady, to accept Jesus.  Cari gave her an Andrew Murray book. Pray that the book has an amazing influence on her heart and soul. Also, she is looking for a kidney.  She’s had no luck and will start dialysis July 11th.  She has fear. Pray that is replaced with faith.


  • Pray for Rod to give God his business and to not be overwhelmed.


  • Pray for a mother trapped in a spirit of offense. Pray that she will set aside her bitterness and reach out to her daughter in love.