• Please pray for Jenny who is overwhelmed with fear and stress because of a sudden serious financial concern regarding her little boy’s disability. Please pray fervently that God will quiet her heart and help ease her needs.


  • Simone asks that we pray for all the marriages in our church family to be devoted to Jehovah. Pray that we will do all we can to reflect God’s peace and love to the world.


  • Please pray for Bonnie who has been depressed ever since the death of her husband and mother. Settling her mom’s estate has brought added stress. Pray that she will know the joy of the Lord as her strength. 


  • Please keep praying for Derick as he battles cancer. The treatments are making him very tired. Pray too for his mom who has survived West Nile will long-lasting effects. Pray that she too will be well enough to spend quality time with Derick.


  • Please pray for all Christians who have been offended by others and struggle with giving their burden to Jesus. Ask that they will sincerely desire to forgive and pray for the people who have hurt them.

The following is an anonymous request:

  • Please continue to pray for the doctor to find answers to medical issues I’m experiencing.