• Please keep praying for Nadine’s mom. She had a TIA (small stroke) and remains under a lot of stress. Pray that she will rest in the love of Christ and that he will heal her completely.


  •  Deanna’ asks us to pray for her grandson and his girlfriend. They have a young baby. Pray they will get plugged into a church and grow in their relationships with Jesus and that they would raise their child in a Christian home.


  • Pray for Nanny Adams’ family moving to North Carolina.


  • Please pray for Rachel. She has decided she wants a divorce and has scheduled a mediation appointment. Her husband believes her heart is softening towards reconciliation. Please pray for them, their kids, their marriage and more than anything please pray they would both fully surrender their lives to Jesus and walk in His truth. They know Him but have been living their lives in their own strength and wisdom for some time.


  • Please pray for Kim and Stephen. They are moving towards divorce but right now finances are holding them back. My sister believes that the problems they have can be resolved but it is very difficult because he is deployed right now. 


  • Please pray for healing and comfort for Carol and John, an elderly Christian couple with various health issues. She has fibromyalgia and is housebound most days. John has cancer and has been given five years to live. Pray they live out their lives walking in His Spirit, knowing they are never alone in this battle and they continue to choose to focus on the all-surpassing joy of knowing Him. Pray they are surrounded by family and friends and serve God in prayer, example and by love.



Requests from the Mission Field:


From CC Celje, Slovenia  

Missionaries Ales & Whitney Lajlar share the following:


  • Aleš was privileged to lead his mother to the Lord last Wednesday! We have been praying for her for the last 17 years... GOD IS AMAZING!!
  • Pray for Ales's Mom's partner, Dejan, as he is very open, but also very skeptical and involved in New Age. Ask that God would reveal to him who the true God is.
  • Pray for Ales's Mom's friend, Marjana, who came to the church picnic with Ales’s Mom. Marjana is very open and wants to come again. She also wants to make a vegetable garden on our church property and we need wisdom how to do that, if at all. 
  • Please pray that God would equip us for fighting the spiritual battles we are facing both personally and as a church family. 


  • Please pray for Staša (13 years old) who is dealing with demonic oppression.


  • Please pray for a couple we married two summers ago. David, (who came to us from the mental hospital) and his wife Anja, He has been doing much better but still struggles with strong fears and phobias. Pray for his full restoration and deliverance.


  • Please also pray for Anja's mom, Nevenka, She accepted Christ nearly a year ago, but has some serious strongholds in her life, that are also connected to intense fear, panic, and hopelessness.


  • We have a summer opportunity to go for training in regards to healing ministries and deliverance ministries in mid-July in England. Please pray that if the Lord wills for us to go that He will provide provision both in the form of competent childcare and finances.   


  • Praise God for an amazing two days of personal healing and deliverance in Croatia that Ales experienced last week.


  • Praise God for a great nationwide conference in Ljubljana that was attended by about 70 pastors and leaders from around the country, representing every evangelical denomination.


  • Our church just finished a series on Pentecost and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Please pray that this will not be just a teaching, but rather that it would become reality for the church family. 


  • Our main Youth Fusion camp begins July 1st. Please pray for kids to come, especially new ones, and that they would be open to the gospel.