• Please pray for Anthony Harper, publisher of the Intermountain Christian News and his work reporting on developments in the Middle East. Pray especially for his health. He has conjunctivitis and will see a specialist in Montana next week. Pray that his vision is preserved and that his work remains blessed.


  •  Please pray for Sarah and her fiancée.  They are struggling in so many ways and need the Lord to open and shut doors for them in a way that makes His will for their lives very clear. Pray especially for Sarah to seek only the purposes God has ordained for her life. 


  • Please pray for Becky, the mom of two young girls who is undergoing chemotherapy. She has many side effects but continues to work six hours a day. Pray that she will look to Jesus to be her source of strength and joy even in the midst of this. Pray that the whole family will turn to Christ in their time of need.


  • Please continue to pray for Elena, a cancer patient on hospice to shine the light of Jesus to all she meets.


    The following are anonymous requests:




  • Pray for my granddaughter.  


  • Please pray that God will give me energy, hope, and help in resolution to my legal matters (guardianship), financial help. Also ask the Lord to bring a woman about my own age into my life. Ask Him to bless me with sobriety, truth, hope, spiritual help and guidance in volunteering.



Requests from the Mission Field:


 From Frascati, Italy:

  • Pastor Robert and his wife Chantal ask that we diligently pray for them. “We are at a particular season as a family, also as church, that we especially need your prayers - mainly that God will send people who can come stay in Frascati and help in the ministry.
Also, please pray for our church retreat this year on July 8th.
Thanks a lot! God bless you.”

From Buenavista, Mexico

Currently, Missionaries Miguel and Luisa Cruz live above the church. Ownership of the building has passed to the ex-wife of the current owner, who plans to move in on the first of July. Miguel and Luisa can stay where they are for a few months, but this leaves the church with no place to meet. They are looking for a new building for the church to rent, but so far have not found it. One of the church members has some space they may use temporarily, and that is their plan, unless God opens another door.

  • Please pray for clear direction in finding a place for the church to meet. 

  • Pray that God would provide everything the church needs while Miguel and Luisa are 
attending training in Tijuana July 6 – August 31. A pastor from a nearby Baptist church will fill in at Buenavista on Sunday mornings while they are gone, but they will be missing their pastor. 

  • Please pray for provision for Luisa and Miguel while they are in Tijuana. The school will provide food during the week, but not the weekend. 

  • Continue to pray for spiritual protection for the church and direction, wisdom, and patience for Miguel.

From Rome, Italy:

Please continue to pray for our church body to grow and mature spiritually and for protection against the attacks of the enemy. Pray for Missionaries Brent and Hope Harrell to stay close to Jesus and be a loving Christ-like example of servant-hood within the church. Pray that the Lord would stir up, bring conviction, unify, so that we can be a healthy body. PRAY FOR REVIVAL! Pray for Brent to have God's wisdom, grace and love as he carries out all the pastoral duties! 

  • Pray for Emilio's family and for his continued healing from knee surgery.
  • Pray for Brent as he prepares to travel to Romania to speak in two weeks.
  • Please pray for our Youth Group to draw closer to the Lord. Pray against the enemy who delights in trying to tempt them away with the things of this world.