• Please pray for Katy a heroin addict with a chaotic life.  She has lost custody of her three children.  Ask God to show her all that He has for her.

  • Please pray for Brooke and Clint as they mourn the loss of their sons (ages 7 and 9) who passed away in a recent rafting accident.

  • Cari asks for prayer for a friend who had an aneurism that has caused her to have blurred vision.  Pray for total healing. 

  • Pray for  Brennon serving as a BLM wild-land firefighter in Idaho this season.

  • Please pray for Robert. He is facing some false accusations from a co-worker and is very worried that he will lose his job. Please pray that God will protect him and that these “bogus” reports will not become a part of his personnel file. He needs his job to support his family. Pray that God will replace his fears with a deeper faith.

  • Please pray for Tressa, who has hit her emotional rock bottom.  She says she doesn’t believe in God anymore but is also so desperate for the Gospel.  Pray that she is bombarded by Jesus’s love and truth and that she will open her heart to his healing.