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  • Please continue to pray for Shawn whose parents are felons with long relationships with drugs and alcohol. He is 13 and has always been a very good student who usually lives with his grandma. His dad is out of prison now and Shawn is starting to experiment with marijuana. Pray that he will not be drawn into the drug life.


  • Pray for the salvation of Mike Sara and Derek.


  • Pray for Kody, Julie and Matthew to know the Lord as Savior.


  • Pray for Rod and Carrie to be holy vessels filled with the spirit and shining God’s light to all they encounter and especially to their adult children. Pray that their adult children will accept Jesus and desire to know him better by going to church. Pray that they will be great parents to the grandchild that they are raising.


  • Please continue to pray for the O’Brien, Abernathy and Spoolstra-Kelly families as they miss their beloved children: Jeffrey Obrien, Addie Abernathy and Zach Spoolstra. Pray that the Lord comforts as only He can.





  • Pray for Natalie Bridges, one of our missionaries to Romania. She has traveled safely to the States for her summer furlough and is praising God for a great trip. Here are her other prayer requests:
    • I appreciate prayer for God's guidance and timing during my time in the be able to share with people and churches and connect with friends and family.  
    • Please keep praying for Razvan's salvation. God continues to work in his life. He is faithfully coming to hear the word preached...not only on Sundays, but the Wednesday night Bible study as well.  
    • Please continue to pray for the kids at the after-school program—for their salvation, to do well in school, resist negative peer pressure, make good decisions, be internally motivated to work hard, and that we will have wisdom and discernment in training them.  Also, please keep praying for Gilia to overcome her learning disabilities.  She is doing much better, but has a long way to go to catch up to her peers.
    • Please keep the children at the orphanage in your prayers...that we will have wisdom in how to help them. Please especially pray for Florin, he is still in the hospital.  He needs to gain 3 kg before they can do the surgery he needs.
    • Please keep my co-worker, Laura in prayer. God is working in her life, but she has not responded to the gospel yet and seems to have a lot of anger directed at my colleague (a fellow believer).  She also needs wisdom to handle all the challenges with the people and programs for which she is responsible.
    • Please pray that the Harford family will come to know Jesus as their savior.