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  • Praise God Daniel was released from the Veteran’s Hospital after being treated for a serious infection. He has many health issues and is in constant pain but chooses to rejoice in the Lord. Pray that he is an inspiration to many and that God gives him some relief.

  • Please pray for Shawn, a 13-year-old with a very troubled home life. His dad is a recovering heroin addict who is paranoid and has PTSD from all the things he experienced in prison. His mom is rarely in the picture. Pray that Shawn will come to really understand the hope he has in Christ and that this cycle of generational addiction will be broken.

  • Please pray for Darrin’s court problems to be resolved in the best possible way according to God’s plan. Pray that Darrin will submit his will to the Lord’s and let the love of Christ transform him. Pray that his salvation is secure.

  • Pray for Chad who has court today. He is a felon who is trying to follow Jesus and get his life in order but he has a lot of old stuff to deal with. Pray that he will be in God’s will and recognize that Jesus has something for him, no matter what the judge says.

  • Praise God Colleen’s cousin Sally has been declared cancer-free. Pray that she and her family will recognize this as a gift from God and give Him all the glory.

  • Please pray for Send Hope India. In the past two years the number of orphans in its care has soared from around 450 to more than 800. Many are affected by HIV/AIDS. Pray that other churches will feel led to support this important work and that every child’s needs will be met.