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  • Please pray for Bessie who is going through a divorce and her young children (ages three and five.) Please pray for divine guidance and support.


  • Please pray for Kym who is being tried on murder charges. She is not mentally healthy and was probably ill at the time the crime was committed. Pray that she will get the help that she needs and that she will surrender her life to the Lord.


  • Please pray for Gretchen who recently moved to Boise to start a new job. He husband had to remain in Utah until the end of the summer. Please pray for their new life here in Idaho to be blessed by the Lord. Pray too that during this time of separation they will continue to grow in God’s plan for them. It is a difficult time.


  • A few weeks ago we prayed for Berta’s daughter who has serious retina detachment and needs surgery. She had successful surgery in Salt Lake last week. However, she asks that we keep praying because there are now concerns about glaucoma because of the pressure and hypertension in her eye. Please pray that God will continue to be glorified in the situation and in her life.


The following are anonymous requests:


  • Please pray for a woman whose chronic illness and pain have made it impossible for her to work. She is seeking assistance but it will be less than her current living expenses. Pray that God shows her a way where it seems that there is no way right now.


  • Pray that Jesus would change the hearts of people who are seeking divorce.


  • Please pray that Pastor Marlon’s message from yesterday will touch hearts and move the hearts of the people God has ordained to support his work in Vancouver.