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  • Nataliel asks that we please pray for her daughter Chelsie. She found a lump in her breast that came on suddenly. Doctors found an infection in her swollen lymph nodes and they’re treating it with heavy antibiotics and shots. Tests are ongoing to find out the problem. She is a believer. Pray that she and all the family draw closer to Jesus and seek Him for peace and comfort. 


  • Pray for Rod’s business to flourish and for his product to be ordered so he can start producing an income.


  • Pray for the Grant family and their youngest son Matty who has been battling increased health issues recently. Pray that the Lord will give Amber and Jason an abundance of strength, and long-range vision as they deal with the day-to-day challenges of caring for two special needs children.


  • Danielle asks that we please pray for her brother Jordan and his wife Rachel Please pray for them and their kids Riley and Joshua in this time of uncertainty.  



  • Pray for Ashley and her family as they transition from a two-parent to a single-parent home. Ask for unity in the family, peace and discipline. Ask that God gives them success in school—primary, high school and college. Pray too that God will provide direction regarding joining a ministry team at Calvary Boise.


  • Pamela asks that we pray for the remediation of their new home so they can move back in and have a safe healthy environment to live in with their family.





From Mangalia, Romania

Missionaries Chris and Faith Anderson ask that we pray for the following:


  • The camp we hope to do this summer. We are waiting to hear back from the Mayor’s office this week on permission for the camp and the location. 


  • The English Club conducted in our house every Friday. Some of the moms asked if we had an adult class so that is something we are praying about. 


  • For boldness in sharing the gospel here on the streets. 


  • For Chris as he preaches each Sunday night in the village.


  • One of the young ladies Maria, whose mom has terminal brain cancer. Maria is having a hard time. Also, she is in her early 20s and will be left to care for her younger siblings who are 16, 12, and 7. She feels all alone. She is the one who was with New Beginnings in Bistrita when she was a kid. Pray the Lord to show her she isn’t alone. 


  • For a van for us and provision for a ministry building..


From Bistrita, Romania

Missionaries Brian and Cynthia Fouts ask that we pray for the following:



  • For us as we hand out invitations for the concert next Tuesday in the park and for safe travels as the band is driving in from Budapest this weekend. 


  • Pray also for the upcoming Romania leadership conference June 27-30. Pray for those who are coming to hear from the Lord in a fresh way, be encouraged to continue the work the Lord has placed before them. Helping to grow where he has planted them.


  •  Pray also for the mother of Cipri and Crina who attend our church she has been battling depression and is really worried about dying. She is not a believer and we are praying for opportunities to minister to her as she has intermittently attended church in the past. Pray for wisdom for both Cipri and Crina as both of them work and are struggling to make sure their mom is getting the care that she needs. She is scheduled for a surgery this week for something but is really worried about the procedure, which does not help her anxiety. Pray for peace.


  • Please keep my brother’s family in continued prayer for their teenage kids as they are having so major struggles with them.