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  • Please pray for a 24-year-old mom who is in a bad place, smoking marijuana, cursing at her kids and chasing men. She needs the Lord to change her from the inside out. Please pray that she will find her joy and peace in Him.


  • Please pray for Alyssa and Dan who have a history of struggles with miscarriages. After more testing, doctors are recommending a new medicine to help Alyssa sustain healthy eggs and early pregnancy.  Please pray that the Lord's hand will be upon Alyssa’s body as she takes this medication. Pray that she will not encounter serious side effects. Also ask that when they do get pregnant again that God will continue to work in their hearts and that their faith will be greater than their fear! 


  • Please continue to pray for the Abernathy family as they mourn the loss of five-year-old Addie who succumbed to cancer earlier this week.




  • Pray for Rod and Carrie as they host their adult children this weekend. Pray that they will so shine the love of Jesus that they will want to follow Him.


  • Pray for Melissa to have health, a job, strength and encouragement.



  • Please pray for Mary to grow closer to Jesus and for her healing for her husband Norman whose medical condition has not yet been diagnosed.


  • Please ask God to give Curt a new job so he won’t have to travel so much.




From Sierra Leone:  

  • This week, Pastor Alpha is leading an evangelism outreach to Tombo, a small fishing village, about 45 minutes West of Waterloo where the church and orphanage are located. It is predominately a Muslim community. The outreach concludes today. Pray for much fruit from these efforts.


  • Continue to pray for the well Calvary Boise is providing in conjunction with World Hope Pray that they find water so construction can commence.  



  • Pray for the team that is going to visit this work in 2019.



  • We are exploring options to help the orphanage in Waterloo become self-sustaining.  We are hoping to provide vocational & or business training and support to accomplish this goal.


From Bistrita, Romania

Missionary Natalie Bridges asks the following:

  • I plan to be back in the States this summer and would appreciate prayer for God's guidance and timing during my time in the be able to share with people and churches and connect with friends and family.  


  • Please keep praying for Razvan's salvation. God continues to work in his life. He is faithfully coming to hear the word preached—not only on Sundays, but the Wednesday night Bible study as well.  


  • Please continue to pray for the kids at the after-school program: for their salvation, to do well in school, resist negative peer pressure, make good decisions, be internally motivated to work hard, and that we will have wisdom and discernment in training them.  Also, please keep praying for Gilia to overcome her learning disabilities.  She is doing much better, but has a long way to go to catch up to her peers.


  • Please keep the children at the orphanage in your prayers...that we will have wisdom in how to help them. Please especially pray for Florin, he is back in the hospital.


  • Please keep my co-worker, Laura in prayer. God is working in her life, but she has not responded to the gospel yet and seems to have a lot of anger directed at my colleague (a fellow believer).  She also needs wisdom to handle all the challenges with the people and programs for which she is responsible.


  • Please pray that the Harford family will come to know Jesus as their savior.


From Tepic, Mexico

Missionary Saul Alvarez writes:

  • My wife Angelica is doing much better.  Thank you for your prayers for her.


  • Please keep praying for a building and also that more people to come to church. 


  • Pray for Hector as he goes to Harvest Latino ministry and he will come next month and stay here in Tepic for six months helping Francis with the kids ministry and he will help us too.


  • Pray for Angelica’s family.


  • Pray for my small business to grow.


  • Pray for all my brothers and sisters from church.


Thank you very much for your prayer, God bless you abundantly