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Requests From Our Church Family 

  • Please continue to pray for Susie Spoolstra Kelly. Her son, Zach, was killed by a drunk driver the week before Mother’s Day. Please pray for God’s comfort and love to be apparent to her.

  • Please pray for Jeanne. Ask the Lord to hold every member of her family close and keep them moving by the power of His Holy Spirit into the center of His perfect will. 

  •  Please continue to ask for God to bring healing to Caleb who lost his dad last year. Ask that the doctors will know how to relieve the pain. Medical experts have still not been able to help with his internal problems.

  • Please pray for Peggy who is in the ICU to be in God’s perfect will.

 Prayer Requests from Our Youth Group: 

  • Need prayer for college and to be better able to celebrate the people in my life

  • Please pray that I would have some supportive friends and also that I would do good in school

  • Please pray for our family. My brother was going to Bible College and he had a wreck on his motorcycle and went home to be with the Lord on February 15.


The recent Commissioned Week and its emphasis on praying for our global outreaches inspired several of our prayer warriors to ask if we could spend time each week focused on missionaries and their needs. Great idea!  

Weekly requests from the mission field are distributed to a separate prayer group and there is some overlap in membership. However, beginning this week we will integrate Missions Prayer requests into our Thursday, Friday and Saturday Prayer Task Force emails.  These will not replace requests from our local church family.  

Also, a Global Missions Prayer Group meets at the church every Thursday evening at 7 pm in the Prayer Room. If you have a passion to pray for missionaries and their vital needs please join. 

From Romania, Missionary Natalie Bridges writes:  

  • Please pray for creative, spirit-led lessons for my English class and opportunities to share the gospel with my students.  Also please pray especially for Daniela, Bogdan, Adi, Dorothea, Diana, and Iulia - for their salvation. 

  • I plan to be back in the States this summer and would appreciate prayer for God's guidance and timing during my time in the be able to share with people and churches and connect with friends and family.  

  • Please keep praying for Razvan's salvation. God continues to work in his life.... he is faithfully coming to hear the word preached...not only on Sundays, but the Wednesday night Bible study as well.  

  • Please continue to pray for the kids at the after-school program...for their salvation, to do well in school, resist negative peer pressure, make good decisions, be internally motivated to work hard, and that we will have wisdom and discernment in training them.  Also, please keep praying for Gilia to overcome her learning disabilities.  She is doing much better, but has a long way to go to catch up to her peers.

From Send Hope India:

  • We still have an extremely low amount of financial support for the Bible College in India and for those suffering with leprosy. Prayer warriors, please pray for these two very important outreaches. Our mission is Matthew 28:19-20, James 1:27, and just as Jesus was moved with compassion to heal a man suffering with leprosy, we too are moved with compassion to care for them.


You're invited!  

Beginning this coming Tuesday, May 22, 

Monthly Sunrise Mission Prayer: 6:30 am in the Calvary Boise Prayer Room

We will be praying specifically for the prayer needs in India and for our stateside team. Please pray that those who attend will be stirred in their hearts to create smaller, consistent prayer groups with their friends, neighbors, and members of the body, to pray for India. We need all the prayer we can get. God hears us... He hears you!