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Requests From Our Church Family 

  • This is a praise report from Zona. The first ever Good News Club in Middleton Mill Creek Elementary ended with 22 children attending. One girl was saved! Please pray for the club to continue next year. Also pray that another club can start in Heights Elementary. 

  • Please pray for Elaine’s marriage. Ask that the Lord will give her husband a new heart towards her and that they will become strong because their focus is on the Lord who strengthens them. 

The following are anonymous requests:

  •  Please Father, help me to be kinder to the mother of my great-grandson. She is keeping him from the family and has broken my heart.  Please soften her heart

  • Pray for salvation for Alex, Nick and Natalie S. Mike, Sara and Derik P.  Kody, Julia and Matthew W.

  • Please pray for Dustin and his family to be safe as they travel to Washington to say goodbye to his dying uncle. His uncle is a believer. Pray that his life and his passing will be a great testimony.

 Prayer Requests from Our Youth Group:

  •  I am hurting from the longing I have for my sister to be happy. Pray for her to be happy in Jesus.

  • Pray that I will be able to get over my hesitations. Pray that I do well in school.

  • Please pray for me to always have faith and to never falter.



The recent Commissioned Week and its emphasis on praying for our global outreaches inspired several of our prayer warriors to ask if we could spend time each week focused on missionaries and their needs. Great idea!

Weekly requests from the mission field are distributed to a separate prayer group and there is some overlap in membership. However, beginning this week we will integrate Missions Prayer requests into our Thursday, Friday and Saturday Prayer Task Force emails.  These will not replace requests from our local church family.

 Also, a Global Missions Prayer Group meets at the church every Thursday evening at 7 pm in the Prayer Room. If you have a passion to pray for missionaries and their vital needs please join.

The following requests are from missionaries in the field:

Prayer Requests from the Mission Field:

From Tepic, Mexico

  • Please continue to pray for our missionaries Saul and Angelica Alvarez and her family, following the death of her mother.

  • Please continue to pray for a church building for CC Tepic.  Our time in the current building is limited.

 From Slovenia:

  • Pastor Ales Lejlar asks that we pray for him and his team to have great wisdom concerning church structure as we approach the summer months and a large majority of the body heads off to vacation.

  • Please pray for the upcoming summer camps. 

 From Rome, Italy: Brent and Hope Harrell ask that we pray for the following:

  • Pray for Emilio who just had knee surgery today. Pray for quick healing and his pain to be minimal.

  • Pray for those in our body who are struggling or being pulled away by sin or the lies of the enemy. Pray for breakthrough in ministering to certain families. 

  • Pray for the Sunday School curriculum. Prayers for anointing, creativity, time. These weeks are hectic so being able to focus on this has been challenging.