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Requests From Our Church Family

  • Cherie asks us to pray about the drug activity going on in her neighborhood.  Pray for safety over the whole situation. Pray for protection in that situation. Pray for Law Enforcement to intervene. Pray for the love of God to shine through Cherie to her neighbors. 

  • Pray for an alcoholic man to take every step necessary to restore his wife’s confidence and save his marriage. Pray that he would look only to Jesus for good counsel and strength.

  • Praise God for a great, extended vacation. Pray for my health as I receive the outcomes from recent doctor’s visit.  

  • Pray for my pregnant wife to have a safe delivery and a healthy child. 

  •  Please pray for Sarah to possess endurance while sharing the gospel with the Muslim refugees.  Ask that God gives he supernatural strength and touches her heart as she prepares to return to her home and culture.

  • Pray for healing for my niece and ask that after her hospitalization the Lord will motivate her to be willing to attend church with me.

 The following requests were submitted by members of our Youth Group:

  • Jesus is so GOOOOOOOD!!! I want to live boldly. Pray that he will help me with that.

  • Please pray that when I grow up I will still want God to live in me and lead me in His way. Pray now that God will keep me away from drugs.   

  • Pray for determination for school; to work hard and keep my grades up. Also to keep my focus on God and not on worldly things, especially relationships.

  • When I grow up I want God to live in me and lead me His way. Pray that He keeps me away from drugs.

  • Pray for my friend Makenzie. She has a hard life. Her mom’s in jail and she doesn’t have a good relationship with her step-mom.

 NEWS REGARDING MISSIONS PRAYER:  The recent Commissioned Week and its emphasis on praying for our global outreaches inspired several of our prayer warriors to ask if we could spend time each week focused on missionaries and their needs. Great idea! Weekly requests from the mission field are distributed to a separate prayer group and there is some overlap in membership. However, beginning this week we will integrate Missions Prayer requests into our Thursday, Friday and Saturday Prayer Task Force emails. These will not replace requests from our local church family. Also, a Global Missions Prayer Group meets at the church every Thursday evening at 7 pm in the Prayer Room. If you have a passion to pray for missionaries and their vital needs please join.

The following requests are from missionaries in the field:

FROM ROMANIA: Chris & Faith Anderson in Mangalia, Romania ask the following:

  • Please keep praying for the camp we will be having this summer July 30- August 3rd. We finally have our Bible part of the camp all in order, but still working on some details of other parts of the camps certain laws and things they have here. So please just pray favor with the mayor, etc. Chris has not been able to meet with him yet and pray that will happen this week. Also, we are still praying for the exact location. Also, the team we had come had 5 people back out and still a couple that might be unsure, so please just keep praying over all this.

  • Also, we had two new kids at English club in the village. Friday we will be starting an English club at our house for those interested in town. Please pray for the ones that will be coming and just for this to be an open door to begin being able to share the Good News with these families.

  • Praise the Lord. Our van passed inspection, so we have a little time to save up for a new one.


  • Clark and Ann Peddicord ask that we would please pray for their next key event: the annual “Philosophia Europa” planning and organizational meeting in two weeks’ time (on Saturday, June 2). Please ask God to give the “Philosophia” team here in Germany great wisdom as we head into the future.



Whitney and Ales Lejlar ask the following:

  • As we approach the summer months and a large majority of the body heads off to vacation, please pray that God gives us wisdom concerning church structure with all the absences. 

  • Please pray for the upcoming summer camps.  

  • Please pray for the nationwide Slovene leadership conference which brings pastors and leaders from every denomination and Christian organization together, to build stronger comradery and a deeper nationwide unity and collaboration. 

  • Directly following this upcoming leadership conference Ales will go to have two day intensive with the Lord down in Croatia. Please pray that God moves powerfully in this time and refreshes and rejuvenates him. 

  • Please for our five summer interns who are in their way, three from Texas, one from Nashville, and one from a nearby town in Slovenia to work with our youth ministry through the summer and for assistance in camps.