• Please pray for Lupita in California. She was diagnosed with Stage-4 brain cancer.  Please pray for her and her family to know Jesus. 

  • Please pray for Jeanne who is experiencing intense spiritual attack at work. She needs God’s peace and protection. Ask that she will experience His presence at all times.

  • Please pray for Diane’s friend Bonnie who lives in New York. She has Stage IV cancer and needs the Lord. Pray for her to develop a relationship with Jesus so He can be her comfort and peace.

The following are anonymous requests:

  • Pray for a family who is struggling with their eldest daughter’s life choices. Pray that the Lord will close doors that no one can open and cause their daughter to honor her parents and her God in all that she does.

  •  Please pray for a woman who is in constant pain from a seriously pinched nerve. Doctors are unable to help her. She has been beseeching the Lord for healing to no avail so far. She has applied for disability but her application was lost and has now been found so she has a phone interview to confirm her eligibility. Even then, her disability payment will not meet her basic financial needs. She is very concerned about being able to pay her mortgage utilities and food expenses. Her savings are depleted and she is borrowing money from friends and family. Please pray that the Lord intervenes as only He can in a miraculous way. Pray that her faith grows stronger through the trial.

  • Pray that my best friends and I will be friends for as long as we live and not ignore each other.

  • Praise God! Becca Brown who ministers in Vancouver with her husband and family is back home after surgery in Oregon. Her pain is starting to subside a little. Pray that all the good expectations the doctors have for her recover become reality. (After being injured by a hit-and-run driver, she has struggled for more than five years with intense chronic neck and back pain as well as headaches.) Her husband Marlon will be traveling to Boise soon to share about the Vancouver work. Pray for the family especially while he is away.