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  • Pray for Kris, a 16-year-old non-verbal boy with autism. Pray that God will use him in a powerful way. Pray that he will be healed.

  • Pray for Mike who is back in the hospital after a colostomy. He has a UTI and is dehydrated. He does not know the Lord. His wife is a believer but is not in fellowship. She does watch our live stream from time to time. Pray that the truth of the gospel will penetrate their hearts.

  • Please pray for Lorelai and Jacelyn, special needs teachers who are assuming new positions. Pray that the Lord will give them all that they need to excel at serving these precious children.

 The following are anonymous requests:

  • Pray for the possibility of a new ministry at Calvary Boise for the widows of our church family.  Pray for support and for ladies to come to once a month meetings for fellowship, food and encouragement including a devotional time. If you are interested or know a woman who might benefit contact Women’s Ministry Coordinator Ashli Fiola

  • Pray for my friend Lucas who is LDS to know the truth of Jesus Christ and His redeeming grace.

  •  My sister’s father-in-law, George, is currently at the hospital with heart problems. Tests indicate that his heart is only functioning at twenty-five percent. Now he has fluid build up around his heart and is getting worse. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, and healing if it be the Lord’s will. Thankfully George knows Jesus! The family would also appreciate prayer for God’s strength and peace as they go through all of this.

 MAY 9 UPDATE ON DERRICK:  Derick got the results of his latest cancer scans and the tumor has not grown.  His mom Cherie asks that we praise the Lord with her.  As most of you know Derick has a very aggressive form of brain cancer and is not expected to live very long. Recently a device was affixed to his head to attack the cancerous cells. Cherie is overjoyed with the results and asks that we continue to pray. She said, “I am praying that with the next scan the doctors will say, ‘what cancer?’” Continue to ask for a total healing. Derick is only 41 years old and has an 18-year-old son who desperately needs him. Pray for the entire family to grow closer to the Lord. Also ask that Derick’s ex-wife will accept Christ’s free gift of salvation very soon. She is struggling with depression.