• Berta asks us to pray for her daughter, Analine, who has recently been suffering from Severe Retina Damage because of all of the high pollen lately. This will require immediate surgery – doctors are determining whether to send her to Salt Lake or Portland for the surgery. Please keep this family in your prayers. Ask that the doctors will have great wisdom.

  • Please keep praying for Isaac, the 10-year-old burn victim who was flown to Salt Lake last week. A few areas are not healing and doctors think he will probably need a skin graft. Also, the medicated cream he has to use causes intense pain. Please pray for his comfort and that his body will soon start producing skin on its own. Ask that the Lord will strengthen him and his family. 

The following are anonymous requests:

  • Please pray for my brother Jordan and his wife Rachel. While Jordan was traveling overseas she moved out with their kids and signed a nine-month lease. She’s not willing to work on the marriage but doesn’t want a divorce. They both know Jesus but are not in fellowship.  

  • Please pray for my financial situation, my recovery of six years, and resolution to my legal troubles regarding guardianship. Pray for decisions to be based on unconditional love and grace. Ask that God will give me hope, help, blessings and a miracle by providing a wife and helpmate. Please ask that I am delivered from isolation and mental troubles and that God gives me the faith to move mountains.

  • Please pray for my uncle David.  He is in hospital with bladder cancer, COPD and basically not taking care of himself.  He doesn’t know the Lord. 

  • Please pray for my brother-in-law and his kids. They have to move out of their home soon because he has no job and therefore no income.  They need God’s provision, wisdom and plan. 

  • Please pray for the Men’s Breakfast today. Ask the Lord to anoint Pastor Trevor’s teaching and that every man God is calling to attend will be obedient to come, learn and apply the teaching about the power men have in Christ. 



  • Derick got the results of his latest cancer scans and the tumor has not grown.  His mom Cherie asks that we praise the Lord with her.  As most of you know Derick has a very aggressive form of brain cancer and is not expected to live very long. Recently a device was affixed to his head to attack the cancerous cells. Cherie is overjoyed with the results and asks that we continue to pray. She said, “I am praying that with the next scan the doctors will say, ‘what cancer?’” Continue to ask for a total healing. Derick is only 41 years old and has an 18 year old son who desperately needs him. Pray for the entire family to grow closer to the Lord. Also ask that Derick’s ex-wife will accept Christ’s free gift of salvation very soon. She is struggling with depression. 



Please keep them in your prayers. Some of you follow Hope for Addie on Facebook. You may have already read this most recent post regarding her condition. It’s worth reading again and again. Praise God for this family’s ability to trust in Him in the midst of this incredibly difficult journey. Please continue to support them in prayer.

Each day is a gift. Every smile, laugh, cuddle, or the simplest of things- holding her hand are moments we hold on to. They are so precious. Spend extra time today appreciating the little things in life and really pause and soak them up, there is so much to be thankful for even in the times of our lives that are the hardest.

The last couple weeks have continued to show us how strong Addie is but also the reality and heartbreak of watching her little body grow tired of fighting. We have very hard days with pain that is relentless and consuming more areas of her body. We continue to increase her IV pain meds and the narcotics make her so irritable. She is no longer wanting to eat, no longer wanting to get out of bed, drinking very little and is pale and tired. It’s hard to watch and I so badly want to make it better. We have also been blessed with good days, like going on an adventure to pick out her favorite flowers to plant, a walk around the block to enjoy the sunshine, lots of snuggle time watching movies, reading Pinkalicious books, soaking up the best hugs and kisses, and enjoying every sweet smile.

Thank you to everyone for the incredible support and love you have endlessly showed our family. In the midst of sadness and heartache we are still experiencing so much love and joy. Nothing goes unnoticed... being continually surrounded by family and friends, prayers, phone calls and messages of encouragement, amazing meals, special princess guests, her fav Dutch Bros drink being delivered, flowers, gifts, heartfelt acts of kindness by cleaning up our yard or even bringing by baby goats, piglets and bunnies just so Addie could pet them. I could go on and on. We are so humbled and thankful for all of you and for continuing to walk beside us on this journey. We feel at peace knowing that soon Addie will be free of suffering and no longer confined to her limitations here on earth. She will be dancing free in heaven with her loving father who has a greater love and plan for her than any of us will ever be able to understand. 


My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9 NLT

Sorrow is better than laughter, for sadness has a refining influence on us.
Ecclesiastes 7:3