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  • Please pray for Rod and Carrie to walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that Rod’s business will grow according to God’s will and perfect pan. Pray that the samples it is producing will bring in product orders so he can begin to earn an income. Pray, too that their condo sells soon.

  • Pray that the Lord heals Jenny’s excruciating back pain and also that He continues to give her grace and comfort.

  • Pray for Susan’s ribs to heal and also that she will be delivered from the intense back pain that robs her of sleep.   Pray that the Lord will fully restore her.  

  • Pray for Makenna and Kailyn as they struggle with diabetes.

  • Pray fro Vera and her family.  She just found out she has cancer and doesn’t have much time left.  She needs God’s help in knowing how to tell her kids and help them get through this news.

  • Please pray for Sarah as she continues to minister in Ethiopia.  Pray to help her to lead people to Christ.  Pray to keep her strong and safe. Ask for the love of God to continue to flood her heart and sustain her.

  • Keep praying for Susie Spoolstra and her family as she mourns the loss of her 24-year-old son Zach.  The service is this Saturday. Pray that the Lord brings her comfort, strength and peace. 

  • Please pray for the Men’s Breakfast this Saturday. Ask the Lord to anoint Pastor Trevor’s teaching and that every man God is calling to attend will be obedient to come, learn and apply the teaching about the power men have in Christ. 

  • Commission Week continues with daily, morning prayer at 6:30 in the Prayer Room and a series of daily outreaches.  Pray that God expands our vision for reaching the lost here and abroad and provides all the resources necessary for us to go where He guides.

The following is an anonymous request:

  • Our niece, Jessica, died in a head-on car crash in Jonesville Michigan on April 30. 2018.  Pray for her father Chris, mother Laurie, children Kaylynn, Drayvin and Braxton.  Pray that they may seek the Lord’s comfort, mercy and a deeper relationship with Him.