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  • Please pray that God would restore Tom and Kathy’s marriage. 

  • Pray that God will protect Hannah and Sam’ during their court hearing for custody.

  • Pray that God gives Katie and Dean strength. 

  • Joann asks that we pray for her daughter’s roommate. He was riding his motorcycle drunk and killed a child. Pray that he develops a deep relationship with God in the midst of all that he is going through.

  • Breanne asks that we pray that our Lord will keep her family together.

  • Please continue to pray for Corey and Elsa Makizuru as they still struggle with illness. Elsa is now requiring more oxygen and Corey continues to suffer from a bad cough. Pray that the Lord will comfort and bless and that they will rest in His strength

  • Commission Week continues with daily, morning prayer at 6:30 in the Prayer Room and a series of daily outreaches.  Pray that God expands our vision for reaching the lost here and abroad and provides all the resources necessary for us to go where He guides.