• Please pray for Becca Brown, who with her husband Marlon, ministers to Vancouver B.C. Her surgery is today. Pray that she will finally be healed. Pray for her children who stayed behind while she and Marlon traveled to the U.S. for the surgery.  

  • Please pray for Jeanee's family to be grounded in Christ and to be strong and courageous in the strength of the Lord as they confront a troubling situation with one of their daughters. Pray that this difficulty will cause them all to magnify the Lord and see His goodness in all things.

  • The following are anonymous requests:

  • Please pray for a 12-year-old girl who is very depressed. The family knows the Lord. Pray that her parents will have great wisdom in knowing how to help her find the joy of the Lord can be her strength.

  • Please pray for God's will to be on display in Israel and the Middle East.

  • Please pray for Calvary Christian School as the year winds down and plans are being made for next year. Pray that the leaders have great insight and wisdom in all things. Pray that the Lord will bring the right families and provide the means for every child who needs to be there to attend.

      Please continue to pray for the National Day of Prayer Rally. Pray that thousands will turn out on the State Capitol steps Thursday, May 3, at noon. Pray for Pastor Tucker as he prepares to lead the group in prayer for the church. Ask God to stir the hearts of people from throughout the valley to unite in prayer. Pray that at least 50 people from every Bible-believing church will attend.