• Please pray for Luke to get the emotional and physical treatment he needs so he can be the man God has called him to be. Pray that he will overcome depression and stop self-medicating and instead will look to God to be His source of strength and peace. Pray that God will restore his marriage and protect his daughter.

  • Pray for Sarah’s relationship with her parents to be restored. Pray that God will comfort and strengthen her mom and dad as they walk through this difficult season leaning on the everlasting arms of Jesus. Pray that her younger sister will not be negatively affected by her sister’s rebellious ways.

  • Nettie and her family have had a difficult year.  Medical issues and financial problems have caused them to lose their housing and regular income.  Please pray for Nettie, her father, and her two teenage sons.  They are not a part of our church and their struggles have caused them to doubt, at times, if God is really there at all.  Pray for God’s provision and intervention in their lives.

[If you have any recommendations for housing for Nettie you can reach out to her at 

  • Continue to pray for Maya the teen who has been struggling with respiratory problems and also for her mom Meena.  Pray that Meena’s Christian co-worker will know how to reach her with the truth and love of Christ. She seems to be irreligious and from a Muslim background. Pray that her daughter’s health issues will bring them both closer to the Cross of Christ.

  • Please pray for Chad a young man who has a court date in Utah this morning. Pray that the status conference will go well and that he will be released to stand trial so he can return to his job and home in Idaho.

  • Please continue to pray for the National Day of Prayer Rally. Pray that thousands will turn out on the State Capitol steps Thursday, May 3, at noon. Pray for Pastor Tucker as he prepares to lead the group in prayer for the church. Ask God to stir the hearts of people from throughout the valley to unite in prayer. Pray that at least 50 people from every Bible-believing church will attend.

 Please continue to pray for: 

  • Corey and Elsa who are still battling many health issues and are becoming discouraged. Pray that the love of God will sustain them. 

  • Derick will begin the clinical trial May 3 in Boise as directed by the doctors in San Francisco. This could be the source of a miraculous healing. Pray that Derick will continue to rely on God’s strength and peace through the process.

  • Praise God! The Grant family received a financial gift of several thousand dollars to cover Jason’s much needed dental work. Please keep praying that they will find the right nurse for Matthew and for their other financial needs to be met.