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  • Please pray for Mark and his family.  They are under so much stress with his mentally and physically challenged son moving into their home. Pray that they will know God’s peace.

  • Please pray for Rod’s business, to start generating orders and income. Pray that he will have great wisdom in knowing whom to hire for a position. Ask that God will be glorified in all that he and his wife do and that they will live in the power and grace of the Holy Spirit and be lights to their family and friends. Also, recently their hillside washed away. Pray that God will show them how to deal with that issue as well.

  • Please pray for Melanie to trust fully in the Lord and surrender her stress at work and bad situation to Him and feel peace and joy.

  • Please pray for Sarah who is sharing Jesus in her Muslim refugee camp in Ethiopia.  Pray for her to have good health and supernatural strength.

  • Please continue to keep Caleb, who lost his dad, Greg, last year. Pray that he will be healed. Pray too for his twin brother Joshua and their other brother Jonathan to be comforted and strengthened. Pray too for their mom Sandy. They all know and love Jesus. Pray that God will use this in their lives for his glory.

  • Please pray for Chad to know the depths of Christ’s love for him. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead him into greater understanding of God and that he will be allow God to transform his life. Pray for all the Christians around him to have great wisdom in knowing how to witness love, grace, boundaries and mercy to him.

Please continue to pray for:

  • Derick to cope with the challenges of fighting brain cancer in God’s strength and peace.

  • The Grant family to have all that they need.

  • Derick’s son and mom to be in good health and to be comforted by Christ’s presence.

  • Corey and Elsa who are still battling many health issues and are becoming discouraged.

  • Ben, the autistic young adult, who is suffering from stomach problems that are exacerbating his behavioral issues. Pray too for his mom to have strength and peace.