• Please pray for 10-year-old David who lives in San Diego. His Dad is in jail and his mom is on drugs. Pray for Doug who was just assigned to be his mentor and in charge of his education decisions. Please pray that the hand of God would be on Doug and David’s new relationship.  

  • Please continue to pray for Josh’s sister Jessica. She had her biopsy yesterday. It seemed to go as planned. Results will be available in about a week. Pray that she draws closer to the Lord minute by minute as she awaits the news. Pray that she is able to see God’s goodness, grace and provision. Pray that she can trust Him during this stressful time. Ask too that her parents will draw closer to the Lord.

  • Please pray that Jarrod may finally find a job that will enable him to provide for his family.


The following are anonymous requests:

  • I just moved from Austin, Texas. Pray that I will get connected with a good church family. Pray that the Lord will strengthen our marriage and that we will grow as a family in Christ.

  • Please pray for a couple in our church family who are having some issues. He recently lost his job and it taking his frustration out on his wife. Pray that he will understand God’s great and gracious provision and will walk in faith that the Lord has something better for him. Pray that they will both have an abundance of patience and grace.

  • My son-in-law is looking at and applying for a position.  Pleases pray they know the will of God in this and know the Lord’s direction in both their lives.

UPDATE FROM THE ABERNATHY FAMILY: Some of you follow Hope for Addie on Facebook. It chronicles the experiences of a five-year-old girl who is bravely battling cancer and her family's efforts to walk this difficult path with her in the best possible way. You may have already read this most recent post regarding her condition. It’s worth reading again and again. Praise God for this family’s ability to trust in God in the midst of this incredibly difficult journey. Please continue to support them in prayer.

Here is the post:

These past few weeks have been a blur. It’s been almost impossible to write this post with so many things constantly changing. It’s hard to believe it’s come to this.

We found out the results of Addie’s scans a few weeks ago and again we were crushed by the results. The cancer has spread even further. The molecular study treatment we had been doing had no effect on the cancer. Addie’s cancer continues to be extremely aggressive and rapidly spreading. Our amazing Oncologist cried with us as we talked about what the future might look like and the short amount of time we likely have left.

As far as treatment options, there is really nothing left to try. Though the treatment options are gone the truth that Addie’s life is in God’s hands has never changed since the beginning.

Our little Addie has been so incredibly strong, and up until now had miraculously showed no sign of pain. Unfortunately the pain has come. Watching your child in pain is one of the most debilitating situations a parent can face. Its so many emotions at once, you feel numb, overwhelmed, sad, angry and helpless. As the pain arrived we realized there might not be much time left so we decided to head to the Oregon Coast to fulfill one of Addie’s bucket list wishes, and spent some time at the beach as well as visit a wild animal safari park. By the time we returned Addie’s pain was out of control and we were back in the hospital working with the doctors trying to find the balance of pain and quality of life. It’s a series of decisions, as a parent, you hope you never have to make.

It’s undeniable that God has been with us through this situation. Tiny hospital rooms full of tears and broken-hearted people somehow create a support and strength during a situation that is so grim. Your prayers have continued to strengthen and support us through this difficult time. Please continue to pray for Addie’s peace and comfort. Once again she has been leading the way and preparing our hearts by telling us she is ready to go to heaven. It doesn’t make sense how a five year old is so certain or understands these things but in such a difficult time there is an awe inspiring peace when you see that your child is at peace with going to see Jesus. We are literally watching the “faith of a child” play out before our eyes. We are hoping to go home and will likely begin hospice care for whatever time we have remaining with Addie.

Sorrow is better than laughter, for sadness has a refining influence on us.
Ecclesiastes 7:3