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  • Last Sunday, April 8 was the first anniversary of Greg’s arrival in heaven. Please keep praying for his son Caleb to be healed and also pray for Greg’s wife Sandy and for Jonathan and Joshua, Caleb’s brothers. Pray that they will lean on the Lord as life continues for them all without Greg.

  • Continue to pray for the Abernathy family as they deal with five-year-old Addie’s cancer.

  • Please pray for all those affected by the passing of Marcus Heppler last Monday night.  Marcus worked at a recovery center in the Idaho mountains. Many of his clients in recovery need God’s strength and peace. Pray that the enemy will not be able to use this to deceive people into relapse. Pray especially for his family to be comforted. (His son recently lost his grandma and cousin.) Ask that everyone whom Marcus touched with his faith in Christ will be encouraged in their own walks and that the Lord will use this for His glory.

  • Please pray for the Grant family. They have two special needs kids and life is always complicated. Recently, their oldest son Luke had a first-ever seizure. Please pray that the Lord touches his body and that this was a one-time experience. Pray too that the family will find a new nurse to help care for Matty. They’ve gone through a lot to relocate to a school that will help Matthew thrive and he is doing well, but he will not be able to continue if they cannot find a replacement for the nurses that are leaving their employment.

    The following are anonymous requests: 

  • Pray for my finances this week. I’ve got a Money Tree payment to make and I’d like to get stuff out of pawn when I get my paycheck.  Pray too that my legal matters will be resolved. 

  • My brother has a court custody hearing this week regarding my nephews.  We appreciate your prayers on his behalf. Ask that God’s plan is revealed and that the boys’ best interests are served.