• Please pray for Mark as he adjusts to having his disabled, adult son in his home and continues to care for his mentally disabled wife. He is also holding down a full-time job. Pray for the Lord to give Him strength and wisdom.

  • Josh asks that we pray for his sister, Jessica, who is having a Cold Knife Bone Biopsy at 7:30 Thursday morning. She has been diagnosed with an abnormal cell growth that commonly becomes cancerous. Josh believes Jessica wants to believe that God will take care of her no matter what, but that she is having a hard time trusting Him with this. After this surgery there is a chance she may never be able to become pregnant again – and if she does, the chances of miscarriage are higher.  Pray for God to surround her with peace, and comfort and for her faith grow during this week. Ask that God will use this circumstance to draw her into a deeper walk with him. Pray too for their mom. There is a family history of cancer and several female relatives have died as a result. This fact makes the situation worse for Jessica.  

  • Please pray for Debbie. She is still recovering from knee surgery and can’t attend church. She is facing some major life issues and covets our prayers for the Lord’s will in her life and that His joy and gladness would be her source of comfort and strength. 

  • Please pray for Elsa who leads our Growing Old Gracefully class. She has been ill for some time with respiratory issues. This past weekend both she and her husband were sick. Pray that the Lord continues to be her strength and her encouragement as she has encouraged so many others through the years.

  • Please pray for Danny’s sister, Elena. She is battling cancer for the third time and things are not going well. Her treatment plan was changed from a combination of radiation and chemo to only chemo but the dosage was incorrect. So she essentially missed her treatment. Then Medicaid gave her a small cost of living increase that pushed her above the income limit for cancer treatment coverage. She cannot afford her treatment on her own. Danny asks that we pray that all these “problems” are just setting the stage for God to do a bigger miracle than Elena could imagine. Pray for her relationship with Christ to grow in all of this.

  • Please pray for Berna. She was released from prison last week and needs a room to rent. Pray that God miraculously leads her to the right place.