TUESDAY, June 27, 2017


Lest Satan should take advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices.  -II Corinthians 2:11

Our Lord clearly warns us in His Word that Satan has evil intentions for our lives. The devil wants to keep us weak, worried and ineffective. That's why he hates it when God's people pray. Satan knows that time spent in prayer positions us to be strong in the strength of our God. When we pray our fears are overcome by faith and our paltry notions of what life should be are replaced by godly wisdom. So, if you find yourself too busy to pray know that your enemy is at work, whispering that you have no time for prayer, no energy, no passion. Do not be ignorant of his devices. Don't fall prey to his distractions. Instead, keep your appointment with Jesus, stop what you're doing and rest in the presence of the God who will move life's mountains at your request. 




  • Please pray that God has mercy upon Andy, Dylan and David, teenagers, who are from broken homes. They all have behavior problems and are very confused about life. Pray that the Lord will do whatever it takes to save from the path of destruction they are currently pursuing.


  • Please continue to pray for James who is still in ICU and is expected to remain there for at least another week. Pray for his wife Chantell to have all the support she needs and for the family to be made stronger in Jesus because of this difficulty.


  • Pray for Anthony Harper, publisher of the Intermountain Christian news. Ask that he will be effective in witnessing God’s love as he meets with the highest level of officials in Israel and also as he attends White House pressers on the issues important to Israel.


  • Please pray for a woman whose husband has filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage. She is devastated, and trying to pick up the pieces with their two children. The son is high school age, the daughter is entering jr high. They are both struggling with their relationship with their dad. He is closed off to any spiritual growth, and is heading down a dark, irresponsible path. Pray for God to do a miracle in his life, and ask that He will sustain this woman and her children through this difficult time.



  • Nancy Risko injured her upper right knee last week. Pray that she would not get an infection and that she will not require a skin graft. Ask that God will give her total and rapid healing.



  • Pray that Rod has godly wisdom regarding his business and that it will begin providing an income soon.