• Pray that Trisha is able to quit smoking by the power and grace of God. Pray that He will be glorified in her victory.

  • Please pray for Cherie. Continue to pray for her son Derick who is fighting brain cancer, but ask God to move in Cherie’s life too. She is suffering the long-term effects of West Nile virus. Pray that her energy will be restored and that she will be well enough to come to Boise from Weiser to see her son.

  • Please pray for Marion, an 80-year-old Christian widow who is having brain surgery April 16 on a malignant tumor in the pituitary gland at the base of her neck. It is causing bad headaches and vision loss. The surgery usually takes care of both problems. Pray that the Lord will be glorified in her experience and that if it is will she will be healed completely.

  • So many members of our church family are still battling the flu, bronchitis and other nasty viruses. Pray for a spirit of healing to be poured out and for God to be glorified in these unpleasant sicknesses.

  • Next weekend is the Calvary Boise Women’s Retreat. Pray for traveling mercies as the ladies go up to McCall. Pray for the speaker to be anointed and for the messages to penetrate hearts and transform lives. Pray that strong friendships will be formed and that the times of personal study and worship will be very fruitful. Above all, pray that God’s will is done in every aspect of the event.

 The following are anonymous requests

  • Please pray for my grandpa. He has Stage IV cancer and is in the hospital.

  • Please pray for my ex-husband to truly follow Christ and to live for the Lord alone. Pray that he has more godly men in his life to encourage him and to keep him accountable.