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  • Please pray for Chad. His life has been a cycle of hope and despair. He has some legal problems and addiction issues but mostly he needs to see who he is in God’s eyes. Pray that he will understand that Jesus loves him no matter what and will allow the Lord to be his joy and comfort. Pray that he understands what it means to be sold out for Christ and decides to follow the Savior.

  • Please pray for Brenda. She needs healing for many health issues and also needs financial help. She will be out of money in a few days unless she experiences a miracle. She feels she is under intense spiritual attack and is praying that someone will help her set up a Go Fund Me page. She also needs special shoes because she has braces on her legs. Pray that the Lord will intervene and show His people how we can help in practical ways.

  •  Cherie asks that we keep praying for her son, Derick, who has just finished with 33 sessions of radiation in Oklahoma. There is no cure for his brain cancer. He has a year’s worth of chemo to do in Boise now and will also need to wear a device that is designed to continually zap cancer cells. The prognosis is not good, but God is able. Derick flies home today and it will take nearly all day. Please pray that he will have strength and perseverance and to live each day to the fullest trusting God through it all. Meanwhile, the medical bills are mounting and Social Security will not come through for several more months. They have been told that he is ineligible for financial assistance from at the hospital where he had brain surgery because he is not a resident of California. Pray for a miracle! Ask that God will provide for all the bills to be paid and please keep praying for the miracle of Derick’s complete healing. We know God is able.

  • Please pray for Jenny. She’s sleeping on her couch because of intense back pain. An MRI revealed several slipped discs. Pray that the Lord heals her. She really wants to be involved in fellowship and make friends within our church family but it’s very hard when she is in so much pain and unable to get out. Pray that the Lord will ordain just the right circle of friends for her.

  • Please pray for Wanda who is in the hospital. Ask that she will look to Jesus for all her comfort, healing and joy. 

  • Please pray for Becca Brown our missionary to Vancouver, B.C. She is in intense pain and had to go in for a nerve block. Please pray that it subsides soon. Also she is scheduled for her next surgery on April 30. Pray that it will work!